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Jim Crocini

It's Your Life

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You can choose to strive for and achieve your highest goal,
Or you can choose laziness and lose all your control.
For laziness or integrated effort is the key,
But think before you take your pick, then maybe you will see...

It’s your life
To live as you choose.
And if you live it right,
There’s no way you can lose.
It’s your life,
Let reason be your guide.
Look at the alternatives, and whatever you decide,
It’s your life!

You can choose honesty or you can choose deceit.
But those who choose dishonesty are headed for defeat.
For they must choose to take by force, and you can choose to give.
But giving in to sacrifice is not the way to live.


If others lead your life, well, you’re just following the crowd.
Escape from mediocrity, be prosperous and proud!
It’s your life, don’t let nobody tell you what to do.
You’ve got your own volition, so it’s really up to you!


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